a quick little piece i did for factory scoots 

because the mod is a total bro

if you havent noticed

i really dont have the motivation to draw a GoC update as of late

this is mostly due to my limited posing’s i can draw right now ….and i feel like i need to work on that a bit if i want to tackle the scenes with her and armor and the other encounters

perhaps one day it will update again but until then its on hiatus

Ya know, i think i might have a clue on why i seem so hot bothered by something that happened a month ago

so read more if you want, but i really wouldn’t waste your time because this is more targeted towards one person that really hit me in the feel bads

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alright i got bored of LOE already

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QuestionCould you give a hint to where you might be? :D Answer

partying at the fountain defying gravity

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Questionare you by chance playing LOE? Answer

i might …i might not

Questioni have to say i have heard much about you and ive seen your art alot on my dashboard but anybody who is a wrestling fan is really cool in my books :D Answer

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im home and somehow i got like really excited again for next friday

when i get to go to my cities comic con

and i was being really cheap and not considering it but i think ill pay the $120 for the photo op with matt smith ….this is a once in a blue moon opportunity

and i deserve it ive been working like crazy for the past few months with no big purchases in mind until now